The CLI is a complex piece of software and works on a wide array of operating systems which means that there are a lot of variables that could potentially cause issues. In order to troubleshoot these issues, please review the following information.


Request Support

sudo remoteit support

This will send a support request with a dump of your system information so our support team can help you troubleshoot your issues.

You can also email us at


General Troubleshooting

# Get information about the current system:
sudo remoteit info

# Get current process status
sudo remoteit status

# Get the status of the system service
sudo remoteit system status


First shut down the system Service:

remoteit.exe agent stop

Then, remove any errant processes that may not have been cleaned up properly:

taskkill /IM "remoteit.exe" /F
taskkill /IM "connectd.exe" /F
taskkill /IM "demuxer.exe" /F

Then restart the Service and check its status:

remoteit.exe agent start
remoteit.exe status


Start by making sure the system Service is shut down:

sudo remoteit agent stop

Kill any errant processes:

killall -9 remoteit
killall -9 connectd
killall -9 demuxer

Then try to start the Service again and check:

sudo remoteit agent start
sudo remoteit status


View SystemD Service logs:

journalctl -f -u it.remote.cli.service

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