Option 2: connectd P2P initiator using a simple script (Linux/macOS)

p2p.sh automates some of the tasks needed to make a repeatable P2P connection to a single service.

Download the p2p.sh script to a convenient location on your system.


Edit the following values in p2p.sh as needed, then save the file.

  • uid - the UID of the Service you are connecting to.  How do I find this?
  • bindaddress - localhost, usually, but can be any 127.x.y.z where x, y, and z are less than or equal to 255
  • port - any number between 33000 and 65535

Download p2p.sh to your computer, then run:

chmod +x p2p.sh
./p2p.sh "username" "authhash"

where username and authhash are the credentials for your remote.it account.  How do I get my account authhash?


This script runs connectd in the background so that you can continue to use the command prompt, and after about 10 seconds, shows you the command you can use to kill the connection when you are done. The value shown in the "kill" command is the process ID (PID) of the connectd daemon which was just launched.

Your connection is now active on port 33100.

To terminate this connection, type in:
kill 21152

To use the connection for ssh, type:

$ ssh -l pi localhost -p 33100

The syntax for other applications will depend on the specifics of those applications.

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