connectd daemon exit codes

If running connectd with the -s flag and connectd exits for any reason, it will emit a message on stdout in the format: !!exit [CODE] : MESSAGE where the code is a numerical code (see below) and a message describing what happened.

Code Message
001 Process lifetime expired
002 Shutdown packet received
003 Termination from windows signal
003 (all platforms except windows)
004 Disabled By User Configuration
010 Bad user specified (probably not possible at this time)
011 Authentication error (may be multiple because of retry)
012 Auto connect failed (Initiator p2p connect failed)
013 Initiate session create failed (initiator p2p connect failed autoconnect)
014 Connection to Service has Timed Out
015 Cannot get UID from service (not a initiator side error)
016 Cannot Bind UDP Port (UDP P2P port)
017 Cannot Bind Proxy Port (initiator port)
020 Connection to peer closed or timed out
021 Connection to peer failed (failed p2p connect)
025 Unknown reason (this should not happen)
030 User console exit






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