AWS Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the AWS Quick Start Guide! Here you will learn the basics to setting up an EC2 Instance with Once set up, the Instance can then be used as a gateway to host connections to other Instances, even if those Instances don't have software installed.

This technology is useful in a variety of ways besides just jump hosting. For example, can help you keep track of all your connections, and allows you to share specific connections and ports with other users. Additionally, uses Zero Trust/SASE architecture, making our technology extremely secure. You can even configure your Amazon security group to completely block traffic from the outside.

To get started with a EC2 Instance, you first have to create a account. Read more information here:

Create a account

Also, make sure you have an Amazon Web Services account and you have your Amazon account ID handy. You can create an account here:

Amazon Web Services

Then, make sure you download the Desktop App for your system and become familiar with some of the basics. You can find a download link and a useful tutorial here:

Getting Started with the Desktop App

Now you're ready to create EC2 Instances! Using to create EC2 Instances that act as jump hosts is accomplished in 6 easy steps:

  1. Retrieve your Access Key
  2. Create a Secure Parameter Store
  3. Create a Role and Policy
  4. Launch the Instance
  5. Find the Instance in
  6. Add a Jump Target

If you'd like a tutorial on using with AWS Cloud AMIs, these six steps are outlined in-depth in our documentation, found here:

Using with AWS Cloud AMIs

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