Desktop - Settings

Here you can sign out, quit, send feedback, and more.



  • Set up remote access lets you add Services on the current device (for example, suppose you want to use Remote Desktop to connect to your Windows PC or connect to your Mac using Screen Sharing over

  • Send Feedback opens your default e-mail client and creates an e-mail to

  • Sign Out signs you out of your account but leaves the App open.

  • Quit signs you out of your account and closes the App.


  • Auto-update automatically updates the application in the event a new version is available.

  • Open at Login opens the Desktop App when you log in. Note that Hosted Services and active Connections will keep running whether the Desktop App is open or not.

  • About shows you the current version of the App. If there is an update available, you will see:





  • Re-install command line tools reinstalls the utilities used by the Desktop App. Support might suggest that you this in the event there is any problem with your connection.

  • Uninstall command line tools unregisters any Hosted Services, then removes all of the locally installed command line software.

  • Clear all credentials - see note.

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