The Desktop - Overview and Features

The Desktop App

The Desktop App is a powerful tool that makes remote access to common software applications on remote computers and devices easy.

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You may get firewall and virus scanner warnings when first installing the Desktop App.



The Desktop App for Mac, Windows, and Linux lets you create and use persistent peer to peer  Links to your TCP and UDP applications, and more. As always, no port forwarding is needed.

Client and target configuration in one

While the most obvious use of the Desktop App is as a client to initiate connections to other devices, it also allows configuration of connection targets, or Links, on the local device.


Peer to peer connections

Peer to peer connections usually offer better data throughput than proxy connections made using the web portal or the REST API. Peer to peer connections also persist until manually closed and feature throughput monitoring.


Quick launching

Persistent connections make it easy for you to bookmark your connections in your other applications. The Desktop App also lets you configure a command line to launch other services with a single click. HTTP, SSH, and VNC are all supported integrations.


Device List Sharing

The Device List Sharing feature allows you to quickly share all of your Devices and their Links to one or more accounts.


LAN sharing of remote Services

The Desktop App allows you to share a connection with other users on the network. You can connect to a remote device and allow other users to connect to it through your system’s LAN IP address on the port you choose. Your local shared connections have the same great security as a remote proxy, only on your private network.


Hosted services

Like the web portal, the Desktop App provides a client to connect to Links on your Devices. In addition, it allows you to configure a connection to applications running on your desktop PC, such as Mac screen sharing, Virtual Network Console (VNC), Remote Desktop for Windows, SSH, etc.


Network scanning

Local area network scanning is now built in. Scan your network for local applications and add them quickly and easily with a click. This lets you make connections to LAN devices without installing any software on them.



If you run into an issue or have any questions, please look for answers to common issues, and don't hesitate to submit a ticket on our support site.

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