The Devices view shows all of the Devices in your account and lets you search for and select one to make a connection.  Click on "Devices" in the left side menu to access the Devices view.




Here you will find all the devices you have access to - whether they are in your account or have been shared with you. You can search, sort, filter and refresh your device list with the tools at the top of the page. Below the search field you will see all your devices displayed.

Next to each device you can see the Services configured on this Device and the connection state of each Service.

  • Blue: connection is active (the Device name will also be shown in blue when any connection to one of its Services is active).
  • Dark grey: Service is online but not connected
  • Light Grey: Service is offline (the Device name will also be shown in light grey when all of its Services are offline)



Search and Filter

Search mode

Enter a search term into the search entry field as shown.  Devices with a match between the entered string and either the Device Name or a Service Name, in addition to Filtering as described below, will be counted.


The number in the search entry field shows how many matched the search term and filter out of the total number of Devices.




To filter the display of Devices, click on the "funnel" icon:


When the search entry field is blank, the number shows how many match the filter.

You'll see the currently defined filter and sorting criteria.  Edit these to suit your needs. The filter icon will display a blue dot as shown when either "State" or "Owner" filtering criteria are set to something other than "All".

Click again on the funnel icon to hide the Filter options.





Device Details

Click on a Device Name to show the details of this Device and its Services.  The Services will be shown under the Device name in the center panel.  Device details will be shown on the right panel.






  • Device Name - the name which you gave the device when it was registered, or the automatically assigned name from the auto registration process.
  • Platform - operating system or hardware device upon which remoteit is installed.
  • Internet connectivity - a representation of how stable the connection to this device is.  It is also affected when the device itself is powered off.
    • Availability - what percentage of the time in the past 24 hours this device has been connected to remoteit's servers.
    • Instability - a measure of the number of disconnects in the past 24 hours.
  • Owner - the e-mail associated with the Device owner's account.
  • Last reported - how long ago the most recent heartbeat message was received by's servers.  You may need to click on the "refresh" icon mceclip6.png to get an accurate value.
  • ISP - The internet service provider at the target location.
  • Connection type - automatically determined, it will be one of:
    • Dial-up
    • Cable/DSL
    • Corporate
    • Cellular
  • Location - approximate location of the device
  • External IP - the current device's public IP address
  • Internal IP - the current device's LAN IP address
  • Device ID - this is a unique identifier for each service in your account. This is set at the time you register each service.  Also known as the "Service ID" or "UID".
  • Hardware ID - this value is unique per Device, or group of Services. It is used to group the Services on a Device together.
  • Daemon version - version of the connectd daemon currently running
  • License - shows status of your account license
Edit Device Name

Click on the "Edit Device" button to edit the Device Name.  Then click on the pencil icon on the right hand side that appears when you hover your mouse cursor over the current Device Name.


Edit the Device Name to your satisfaction, then click on the checkbox to save the new name. 


The "reset" button mceclip2.png will undo any changes you may have made, and stay in editing mode.

The "cancel" button mceclip3.png will reset the Device Name to its previous value and leave editing mode.


Shared Users

Click on the "Shared  Users" button to show any users to whom the current Device or any of its individual Services have been shared.  Device and Service sharing are described here.



Click on the "Logs" button to show online/offline and connection information for Services on the current Device.


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