Making connections

There are two different types of connections, proxy and peer to peer (P2P).  Which type of connection you make depends on the client or app you are using, as well as the current network conditions.

Type of connection Hostname & Port Web Portal Desktop App Android iOS API connectd remoteit CLI

1) Port Proxy:

2) Reverse proxy (http(s) services only):


Yes Yes  Yes Yes Yes No No
peer to peer No Yes  Yes Yes No Yes Yes
  • The web portal can only make proxy connections.
  • P2P connections may not be possible under certain network conditions.
  • Proxy connections will expire after 15 minutes if no data is transferred.  Proxy connections will expire after 2 hours even if kept active.  If you're using the API, your application will have to detect this expiration and establish a new connection if needed.
  • The Desktop and Mobile Apps try to make a Peer to Peer (P2P connection is attempted first), then will make a proxy connection if the P2P connection fails.
  • The Desktop and Mobile Apps include user-configurable settings which are used to automatically launch your desired application for each connection type.
  • If you cannot launch your client program and load the Hostname and Port automatically, the Hostname and Port generated by the connection should be copied to your client application.  The format required will depend on the application.
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