Debugging issues with remoteit and Minecraft

If you're having any problems getting Minecraft to work well with, please read this article for some hints.

Check your PC and network

To get the best results from Minecraft, you need to make sure that your computer and network meet Minecraft's minimum specifications.

Minecraft client recommended minimum specifications

Minecraft server recommended minimum specifications

Note that your internet connection speed is important, especially if you are hosting a server.  Our experiences suggest that if your internet upload speed is insufficient at the server location, that your friends will be able to connect to your server, but are likely to get disconnected shortly thereafter.

You can use the web site to check your internet connection speeds.

Configuring Minecraft to work better at lower speeds

If your PC or network doesn't quite meet Minecraft's requirements, we've found that adjusting the following parameters can help, although there may be an impact on your game playing experience.  The suggested values are not hard and fast rules.  You may get acceptable results with higher or lower settings, or you may not be able to host a Minecraft server effectively if your PC or network performance is too low.

Edit the file, then restart the Minecraft server.

  • Set max-players to 5 (default is 20)
  • Set view-distance to 5 (default is 10)

Configuring remoteit

If you are hosting Minecraft on a Windows or Mac PC, you'll need to install the Desktop application.  Once you've done this, add a TCP Service on port 25565 to connect to your Minecraft server.

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