Installing remoteit on older Raspbian and other Debian based operating systems for Raspberry Pi

The remoteit installation package is included with Raspbian and Raspberry Pi OS "Buster" version and newer.  In order to install remoteit on older versions of Raspbian or other Debian based Pi operating systems such as Ubuntu Mate, follow the instructions below.


sudo apt update
sudo apt install ./remoteit_armhf.deb

Then follow the rest of the setup instructions here:

Verifying that your operating system is Debian based

If you're not sure whether your operating system is Debian based, run:

which dpkg

 If the response is:


then your system is Debian based and you can use the instructions above.

If, instead, you get no response:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ which dpkg
pi@raspberrypi:~ $

then your OS is not Debian based.  You should install the connectd package instead.

Installing the connectd package

Follow the instructions at this link.


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