Bulk Scripting Technical Overview

  1. Upload a Bulk Script to your account
  2. Select a set of Devices to run your Bulk Script on
  3. Execute the Bulk Script using the "Actions" Menu
  4. If any interactive parameters have been set using the r3_header, ask for them
  5. The scripting Job Server sends a command to the Bulk Service on each Device in the selected set, including:
    1. Task ID
    2. Job Server API
    3. Short code, used to reconstruct the command line with the interactive parameters
  6. The Server Channel daemon downloads the script, makes it executable, and runs it, with the 3 parameters above passed on the command line.
  7. The script runs the commands and sends any Status Column data back using connectd_task_notify
  8. The script terminates, with either a "Success" or "Failed" code, again using connectd_task_notify
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