Installing remoteit on Ubuntu PCs running Intel or AMD CPUs


Please note that this section describes a software package which has been superseded. We do not recommend the use of remoteit 3.x for new designs.  For instructions on downloading and installing the most recent device package, please follow this link.

64-bit only

We only provide the amd64 version of the remoteit package for Debian, as Node v12 is not available for 32-bit platforms.  For support of features on 32 bit Debian-based platforms, use the connectd package.




If you need to update your remoteit package using a remoteit connection, for example using SSH or VNC, please see: Updating the remoteit or connectd packages using a SSH connection. Failure to follow this procedure will result in loss of connection and inability to restore it without rebooting or accessing the device directly.


Get the latest version of Node

As with any Node.js application on Ubuntu the Node version in the Ubuntu or Debian repository is VERY old so you will have to execute this command first to add the correct repository to your system (this one is for Node.js v12)

curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
Download and verify the remoteit Debian amd64 package
curl -LO
md5sum remoteit_amd64.deb

Confirm that the displayed md5 checksum matches the value displayed on the downloads page.

Install remoteit

Install the remoteit package with:

sudo apt install -y ./remoteit_amd64.deb


Configure your Device with

Now that remoteit is installed, jump to this page to learn how to configure your Device and add Services to it.


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