Executing a Bulk Script

If your script uses commands to update the Status columns, make sure that "Show Advanced Columns" is selected:


On the "Devices" page, select the group of Devices that you wish to run a script on.


In the "Actions" menu, choose "Execute Script".


The "Bulk Execution" dialog lets you selected the desired script.


After selecting the script you want to run, click on "Next".


If you have selected fewer than 10 Devices, you will now see a dialog that lets you choose to update the status columns during job execution.

  • If you do select this option, the Status Columns will update as messages arrive from your script, however you will not be able to select any other devices until this process has completed.

  • If you don't select this option, status updates may be delayed slightly.  You may have to refresh the view to see the information in the Status Columns


Assuming that you have selected fewer than 10 devices and you checked the checkbox as shown above, ss the script is executed on your group of Devices, it will fill in the Status cells as it proceeds.

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