2. Auto Registration vs. Bulk Registration

Important notice

Bulk Registration is deprecated (no longer recommended for new users).  You should use Auto Registration instead. The following information is provided for customers already using Bulk Registration with the connectd package.


Auto and Bulk Registration methods both:

  1. Require you to create a Product Definition (a pre-defined group of remote.it Services)
  2. Require you to copy the "Bulk Identification Code" generated in step 1 to your device's master OS image
  3. Allow pre-configured devices to come online automatically when the device is powered on and connected to the internet.


Auto Registration:

  1. Will allow any Hardware ID to register as long as the Bulk Identification Code matches the Product Definition of an active Auto Registration.
  2. Duplicated Hardware IDs, while best avoided, are handled (if necessary) by appending an index (e.g. “-1”) onto the Hardware ID prior to completing registration.
  3. The Device Name is based on the Hardware ID.
  4. Devices will provision themselves (download configuration files) at the time they are powered on and connected to the internet. They will appear in your account at this time as well.

Bulk Registration:

  1. Requires you to know the Hardware ID and Registration Key for each device, and to upload this information to your remote.it account in the form of a CSV (comma separated variable) file. This allows you to control which devices are allowed to register themselves to your account.
  2. Devices will appear in your account (in the offline state) at the time of a successful CSV upload and publish.
  3. Devices will provision themselves (download configuration files, then start up) at the time they are powered on and connected to the internet.
  4. The Hardware ID and Registration key are usually based on one or more of the device's network interface's MAC addresses.  This means that Bulk Registration can be used most effectively if you know those MAC addresses in advance or can get them in an automated fashion during your manufacturing process.
  5. The Device Name is specified for each device in the CSV file.
  6. Duplicate Hardware IDs are rejected at the time of CSV file upload.
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