Peer to Peer Connection Information

Peer to peer (P2P) connections can be made using the connectd daemon on any platform, or using the Desktop App.

Why should you use a P2P connection with

  1. Persistent connections. Many people want to have a repeatable address for their Services in order to be able to bookmark them in various applications. P2P connections create a persistent and repeatable connection address of the form on your client computer.

  2. Faster connection times. Once a P2P connection is configured and established on your client computer, you do not have to log in to the web portal or click on a device name, then choose a service in order to make a connection.

  3. No timeouts. Our proxy servers limit connection time so that our computer resources don't get tied up. P2P connections do not use our proxy servers and there is no time limit imposed.

  4. Faster data throughput. Some applications such as SSH can work acceptably with low bandwidth. Others, such as VNC and video streaming, benefit from a P2P connection as the data does not have to pass through our servers on the way to your computer.


Creating a Peer to Peer Connection

For instructions on making a Peer to Peer connection with the Desktop App, please refer to this documentation.

Programmers will want to learn how to create a P2P connection by using the CLI in custom applications.


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