Welcome to remote.it!

If you're new to using remote.it, this is the place for you!

In this section, we will show you how to get up and running with remote.it on a real device and start securely remote connecting and controlling your devices.


Feature Overview

remote.it defines a set of features used to:

  • make TCP connections between computers
  • allow execution of scripts on groups of devices


Supported operating systems

Click on a link in the table below to find installation instructions for your platform and desired features.


Package Raspberry Pi Debian ARM Debian x86 Other Linux MIPS Linux Windows 32/64 macOS
remoteit Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
remoteit.Pi Yes No No No No No No
connectd Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No


Package Web Setup Bulk Scripting Mass Production Ready
remoteit Yes Linux only No
remoteit.Pi Yes Yes No
connectd No Yes Yes

Mobile Clients

The remote.it client is available from the Apple App Store while the Android version is available from Google Play.

Mobile OS TCP connections

Bulk Scripting

iOS Yes No
Android Yes No


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