2. Add Services to your Product Definition

This is the Product Definition you created in the previous step.



Click on the “gear” icon to add Services to your Product.




The “Required Bulk” Service is already added. Each device must have a Bulk Service, and it cannot be deleted.

Click on “Add”:




On the dialog that appears,

  1. Choose the Service Type:




2. Give this service a name to help you remember what it does.

3. Choose the TCP port that the application uses on your device.

4. Choose whether the Service will be enabled by default or not. If it is not enabled by default, the setting to enable it can be set later. In that case, the devices using this Product Definition must be rebooted to pick up the changes.




Click on “Submit” to finish adding this Service.

Repeat the steps above to add all the Services you plan on using.

A finished product might look like this:




When you are done adding Services, select the checkbox “Check to lock product and create provisioning files”, followed by the “Submit” button.

When you check the "Lock Product" checkbox, you'll see the "Product Lock Notice". It's just a reminder. You will get the Bulk Identification Code in a subsequent step.


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