1. Create a Product Definition

A remote.it "Product" is a defined group of remote.it Services you wish to make connections to. 

For example:

  • SSH on port 22
  • A web server on port 80
  • VNC on port 5900

When you use the interactive installer in the connectd Package or the Web Admin Panel in the remoteit package, you add these services one at a time on each device.  This is impractical when you want to ship a number of devices with the same Services configured on each device. 

In this case, you must define a remote.it Product which contains these Services and lock down that Product Definition.  The remote.it system will then generate a "Bulk Identification Code" which needs to get copied to the master OS image.


The Bulk Identification Code is used by the remote.it system to manage the files needed to configure remote.it Services on your Platform.

This document outlines how to create a product using the remote.it portal, and prepare your device's master OS to initiate the provisioning process when it first connects to the internet.

Click on "Products" in the remote.it Menu:




To create a new Product Definition, click on “Create Product”.


You’ll need to enter 3 bits of information on the “Create Product” dialog.


  1. Enter a Product Name that is meaningful to you.


2. Choose a product platform. Pick the closest device on the list to your actual product. This information is stored in your account but it does not affect the functionality, so there is no penalty if it is not correct.


3. Choose the Product Scope.  See the definitions below for the various options.


You can use this product definition in your own account, and anyone who you give the Bulk Identification Code can also use this product definition.  We recommend this for most users.

Your product definition will be available to all users of the remote.it system.
Your product definition can be used by accounts other than the one used to create the Product Definition.  You must supply the Bulk Identification Code to the other users..


Finally, click on “Submit”:


You will see your new Product Definition in the list.



The Bulk Identification Code

You will need to copy the Bulk Identification Code to your device's master OS image in the following steps.  To display the Bulk Identification Code, click on the circled "i" as shown:


The Bulk Identification Code will be shown on the Product Information and Usage dialog.



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