2. Verifying Auto Registration and Cloning

Important notice

Auto Registration using the connectd is deprecated (no longer recommended for new users).  You should use Auto Registration with the latest remoteit package instead. The following information is provided for customers already using Auto Registration with the connectd package.

Verify Devices and Services are Active

Restart the device with the following command:

sudo reboot

Login to app.remote.it and verify that your new device appears in the remote.it Devices screen.

Note: This can take a few minutes to complete and requires a page refresh.



Now, you need to stop all running remote.it Services and “factory reset” the current unit with the following commands:

sudo connectd_control stop all
sudo connectd_control reset

This clears all the provisioning files from the subfolders beneath /etc/connectd, but it does not delete those folders. The Bulk Identification Code is also left in place, so the device is ready to be auto registered.

Note: Do not reboot your system at this point or run any of the previous provisioning, preparation, or check scripts.

Shutdown the system gracefully with the following command:

sudo shutdown now

Stop here and make cloned SD cards per your normal procedure. You can also repeat the above procedure (starting with Production Preparation) on multiple SD cards if for some reason you are not able to clone them.

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