Why does the connection URL keep changing?

The URL and port for a connection made using the remote.it web portal is requested from our server at the time you make a connection, and will often change.  This is called a "proxy" connection.

We don't have a persistent URL that can be shared between users, but by using a peer to peer connection with our desktop app (currently in beta) you can get a persistent localhost ( address allowing you to bookmark various remote.it Services.

Peer-to-peer connections using connectd
- Create a persistent connection address on your local machine
- Are not subject to enforced time limitations, as are the proxy connections obtained using the remote.it web portal.

Read more about remote.it proxy and peer to peer connections at: https://docs.remote.it/peer-to-peer-p2p-vs.-proxy-connections

Desktop Application (beta)
To support P2P connection mode, we have desktop apps for Windows and Mac in beta test currently which you can access here:


Windows, Mac and Linux Command Line
Using the peer-to-peer method with Windows, Linux or Mac OS, for the time being, can be managed with some programming skill and the following info.


Here are our available "connectd" daemons.


Using the client side daemon for a persistent peer to peer connection

You use the service's UID ("deviceaddress") along with a login token (retrieved from our cloud REST interface) to start the client side daemon and then that connection becomes available on (for example). This connection will remain available as long as the daemon is running and there is a working internet connection on both ends.

The remote.it API
Also see our API docs which can help you get info about the registered Services on your device.


/user/login gives you a login token to use with API requests
/device/list/all pulls down JSON formatted list of all of your services
/device/connect, given the UID and token, will return a dynamic connection URL:port to use

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