Migrate your Weaved services to remote.it today

If you previously had installed an older version of the weavedconnectd package, which does not require the Bulk Service to be added, your device's Services will not be visible in the remote.it portal.

First, it is important to note that ONLY devices which lack the Bulk Service need to have anything done to them.  The most recent versions of the weavedconnectd package (which are roughly three years old as of 2021) did include the Bulk Service.

So, try logging in at https://remote.it.

  • Do you see all your Devices and their Services?  If so, then you don't have to do anything.

If not, then please contact support@remote.it with the following information:

  • Your account username
  • What types of devices you have (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Linux PC, etc.)
  • Which version of the weavedconnectd package is installed?
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